The Community Design Lab partners with communities and organizations, combining local knowledge and design research expertise, to create equity and resilience through inclusive, transferable, innovative strategies and tactics.

A Beacon for Capitol East © ISU Community Design Lab

Visions for Capitol East

Des Moines’ Capitol East neighborhood is one of three neighborhoods on the east bank of the Des Moines River that have recently gone through the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program. It is part of the Viva East Bank! neighborhood coalition along with the Capitol Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Park neighborhoods. This report articulates spatial
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© ISU Community Design Lab

Des Moines

Neighborhood Network Design with Policy Change Phase One : Des Moines is a vibrant city, with numerous strong grassroots food initiatives making large strides, particularly in terms of organization, production and distribution. As we continue to work with Des Moines, we will focus on better connecting these initiatives, creating neighborhood and municipal networks of agricultural
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Cedar Rapids

Comprehensive City Food System Plan and Catalyst Projects Phase One : Cedar Rapids has progressive policies in place that facilitate local food production and food-based business development. This city will capture the creation of a comprehensive food systems plan for the city that can be used for decision-making about zoning, business development, school programs, and
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