The Community Design Lab partners with communities and organizations, combining local knowledge and design research expertise, to create equity and resilience through inclusive, transferable, innovative strategies and tactics.

Coe College

Location : Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Partners : Coe CollegeBlue Zones, Blue Zones Student Steering Committee, Coe College Sustainability Team, Neighborhood Liaison, Neighborhood Associations

After analyzing existing conditions and engaging students, staff and faculty members of …

Seed Savers Exchange

Location : Decorah, Iowa

Partners: Seed Savers Exchange

From 2011 to 2016, The CDL design team worked with a variety of Seed Savers Exchange team members through input sessions and design charrettes to update existing and develop a new, holistic master …

Des Moines Social Club

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Partners: Des Moines Social Club, Iowa State University College of Design

Iowa State University BLA students and the CDL developed design concepts for the Des Moines Social Club courtyard in the Fall 2014. The design …